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School Programs

The Museum offers a variety of vibrant educational programmes for pre-primary, secondary and high school students. Through these programs students can engage and learn from the collection. There are a number of programmes that are on offer which change with each new academic year.

Animals go to the Museum  ages 4-8 
The educational programme "Animals go to the Museum" brings together participants with works of art that present a variety of animals in their content that coexist peacefully with humans and how they influenced man in the way he embodies them in his artistic creations in different seasons. Each child will receive a small workbook. This booklet will include activities that will need to be filled in and completed at each stop during our walk at the permanent collection of the museum. These activities aim to highlight and support children's perseption of the works of art.

Emotions ages 4–5 and 6–7
This educational programme is constructed around the emotions and feelings that people encounter on a daily basis. By using the artworks as a tool, it is easier to delve deeper into the theme as the colours, shapes and the figures portrayed assist the children to understand and discuss emotions and take part in the activities of the programme.

Cypriot Traditions ages 6–12
Through the works of the 1st generation Cypriot artists displayed in the permanent collection of the museum we consider the clothing, traditions, customs and professions of Cyprus. This programme brings focus to the Cypriot ways of life in the last century in contrast to the modern day.

A Shared Experience ages 6–12
With the aim to familiarize students with the series of collaborative artworks by good friends and artists Stelios Votsis and Stass Paraskos this programme is centred on one such artwork on display in the museum collection. Through practice the children can discover the concepts of collaboration, friendship and joint creativity. At the end they will go on to mimic the creative process of the artist by making a joint artwork in pairs thereby creating their own shared experience.

Discovering the place where I come from ages 9 to 15 
In the small room of the permanent collection, the children come in contact with works of art of Cypriot and Greek artists closely related to history, traditions, legends, myths, and customs of the various regions of our country, both our free areas and our occupied homeland. Children will engage in artworks and express feelings and thoughts about the coexistence of cultures and diversity on our island with the accompaniment of an interactive map of Cyprus and under the general thinking that the concept of 'my place' can have many meanings. In the end, they will have the opportunity to present their own version of their place as they perceive it and experience it where it might be the room, home, neighborhood, city or a whole country.


Participation fee per student: € 3

Pancyprian Student Art Competition 

Every year the Zampelas Art Museum holds the Pan Cyprian student art competition inspired by the theme selected by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The aim is to exhibit the outcome of the educational programmes that took place during the year.  

All students from pre-primary to high school that participated in the Museum’s educational programmes are eligible to apply. The winners are selected at the end of the school year by a panel of judges of working artists and are awarded at a ceremony that takes place at the museum.

Participation fee per student: € 3

Summer School

During the summer months of June and July the Museum opens its doors to children to explore creativity both inside and outside the museum premises. The summer school takes place on an annual basis with artistic workshops that change each year. Past workshops have included drawing and painting, ceramic art, architecture and street art for children, yoga, interactive dance and environmental science games. The workshops are led by the Museum educational team along with local artists and practitioners.

The summer school integrates children into the creative process, freeing the imagination and allowing children to acquire knowledge about various techniques used in art, enhance their social and communication skills and cultivate team spirit through fun and adventure and the programme’s various expressive and artistic inventions. Children can join the school for the entire period or by week according to their availability.


Participation fee for two weeks: € 200 (15% discount for siblings)

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