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Puppet-Glove Workshop

Jan 27 2018 - 16:00 to 18:00
Children's Program

The creative workshop will allow each of the participating children to create a puppet-glove on their own hands and with a little bit of help from the inspirators!

Each child will give the unique personality he / she wants
for their doll.
Creating and playing with the doll allows them to develop their imagination and creativity. It is an activity through which children develop their psychomotor and artistic skills.

Inspirators: Eleni Iosifidou is a puppeteer with Latin American education and a lawyer specialized in human rights. She will deliver the workshop with Roberto Braham, managing director of Canicela, actor and award-winning puppet player from Guatemala (Latin America), specializing in Bobraku dolls and TV dolls. Roberto has a long experience in workshops for children and teachers.

For children 6 -12.years

Participation: € 10

Limited number of seats, please register until Thursday 25/01

11 May
€ 45
5 May to 12 May
€ 35
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