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Still Life: Fruit, Flower, Bottle

Sep 28 2015 to Mar 26 2016

Still Life: Fruit, Flower, Bottle is a temporary exhibition dipslaying works of the Museum collection by Cypriot, Greek and international artists.

Watermelon, Rose, Teapot, Candle, Lemon, Mug and Playing Crad become still. Still Life is a genre of art featuring an arrangement of inanimate everyday objects, such as flowers and fruits, or manufactured items, suach as crockery and bottles. Studying qualities of form, colour, texture and composition, many of these works are created purely to demonstarte the drawing virtuosity of the artist. Alternatively, they may be created to convey the artists' particular viewpoint, demonstrating their artistic perception. Another aspect is that of symbolic still life, in which an unseen idea or narrative may be revealed. The latter group, pehaps, contains an inward truth, bringing still objects to life. Still Life: Fruit, Flower, Bottle showcases the very tradition of the genre as an inventive art form in terms of technique, subject matter and imaginative treatment.

Alekos Fassianos
Andreas Charalambous
Andreas Ladommatos
Angelos Panayiotou
Bladimir Ivanov
Constantinos Laskaris
Glyn Hughes
Hector Doukas
Louiza Kaimaki
Mariam Suhanova-Foukara
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Kokin
Olivera Smiljkovic
Panayiotis Tetsis
Pavlos Samios
Stelios Votsis
Russian Academy of Fine Arts

28 September 2015 - 26 March 2016
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