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She was born in Famagusta in 1920. After her graduation from Famagusta Female High School, her father sent her to England to improve her English but her studies interrupted with the outbreak of World War II and returned to Famagusta. Feeling that the women of Cyprus should offer everything they can in the war, helped to recruit Cypriot women to the British Air Force. Her own mission was her stay at the Air Control Centre at Nicosia Airport. For her dedication to duty and her contribution during the Second World War, she was rewarded with the “Honor Medal” from Britain and Russia. In 1945 she married Jones Air Force Officer and flew to England where she lived for 23 years. 

Thraki began painting since 1954 when she attended classes at a School of Fine Arts in Bilston, England. Her life did not allow her to deal systematically with painting. In 1968 she and her husband return to Famagusta and bought an apartment from which the view of Famagusta will be remembered in Jones' memories and works. In August 1974, with the Turkish invasion she settled for a while in Limassol and later in Platres. Since 1989 she has been staying in the village of Lemba in Paphos until her death. 

The imagery of Famagusta was well kept in her memory and then demonstrated onto her works. The coastal town of Famagusta, the golden sand, the whitewashed neighbourhoods and the flowers that adorn the gardens. People in their everyday life, scenes in town and countryside, donkeys, sheep, birds, rich greenery, the typical buildings of the place, her favourite kittens are the protagonists in her work.

Thraki Rossidou Jones, based purely on her instinct and her personal sensitivity, without any interest in the familiar elements, manages to give her painting values and poetic features. Rich vibrant colours, landscapes and compositions depicting a wealthy world full of optimism. Not interested in anatomical proportions and perspective unfolds on the canvas a world beyond rationality, full of poetry and beauty. The wall of her dormitory in Lemba of Paphos, adorned a great work showing the bay of Famagusta. "I look and sleep with this picture. This gives me the hope that one day I will return ..." she always said. 

She has presented her work in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. She took part in famous Naive Art exhibitions, such as in Yugoslavia in 1995, at the Naive Art Museum of Brazil and the Moscow Friendship House. She won the Grand Prix of the 7th Bozhain of the Tokotina Museum in 1995. The same Museum honoured her for her contribution to Naive Art in 1997.

Cypriot, 1920-2007

Thraki Rossidou Jones, Kyrenia under Turkish occupation since 1974, 1998, Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 62 cm

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