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Urban Collage: Performance Artists' Residency

Sep 22 2017 - 18:00
Open Call

Urban Collage is an artists residency that will be realized through an experiential workshop to take place in the area of Kaimakli, specifically in the surrounding area of the Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum, next to the buffer zone. This project focuses on the significance of the area and how it can be elaborated through the artist’s body in order for the outside area to be brought into the museum. 
The artists will be guided to work in a methodological workshop-like progression, which will put them into a process of collecting relevant data while focusing on or functioning through the direction they wish, according to their background, skills and interests. Moreover, through individual and collaborative activities that involve the senses and site-specificity, the artists are called to investigate the area in order to arrive at a final idea, or process, or even allow daily happenings that occur during the residency period.
The approach and method of working consists of artistic research involving a practical and theoretical framework around the title Urban Collage: Sensing spatiality inside and outside the museum. This title embraces the idea that the body, through the senses, can be used as a tool to receive and collect data, and transmit opportunities to be experienced by the viewer (inside and/or outside the museum). In addition, the artists will be working both in private and public, and between the museum and its periphery in order to experience the different realities around their work, while formulating art that is equally accessible in public space as in the museum space.
Live performance will be the artists’ medium. Before the final presentation of this project, a series of site-specific performance interventions around the area will be held in order to generate sensory knowledge regarding the location.
How can everyday occurrences and the usual way a space is used together with the solid historic background of the area be transformed into a new perception and even a new reality through performance, for the artist and the viewer alike? To come to an answer, the body is used as a tool to articulate psychophysical experiences through live actions so that the site can be experienced beyond its everyday and usual function.
Finally, the outcome can be an experiential mapping shaped through the various procedures performed by the body as a tool to sense, measure, memorize, archive, collect, experience, re-experience and transform the selected area anew.
We invite artists of any artistic expression – visual art, performance art, dance, theatre, music, etc., and with any theoretical background – performance studies, theatre studies, etc., especially those interested in site-specific art, public art, performance art, live art, movement, time-based and body-based practices, to apply for this residency. We welcome international artists and artists who live in Cyprus, artists who are familiar with the area of Kaimakli, and even artists who have never visited the area. 
The selected artists will work intensively with Christina Georgiou under her performance methodology in the mornings and during the afternoons they will be able to use the museum space for their own process. During the final days and before the public presentation, the artists will receive supervision and guidance on the work they will be presenting. 


1 PDF max. 2MB in English or Greek containing the following:
•    Photos of recent work: max. 4
•    CV: max 2 pages including contact info, postal address, website and email.
•    A biography & artist statement: max. 200 words.
•    Project: Tell us about your current work, your methodology and approach, your motivation to be part of this residency workshop and how you can contribute in the group: max. 200 words.
•    Mark the PDF with “your name_Urban Collage 2017”.

Send to:

€15 submission fee should be deposited alongside your application via a direct transfer to our bank account: Bank of Cyprus 
Account No.: 357009980135 
IBAN: CY83002001950000357009980135
*Please state your name in the details. Once the deposit is made please inform us by email.

Deadline of OPEN CALL: 22 September 2017

We provide:
•    6 days residency workshop with Christina Georgiou at Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum.
•    An invitation/acceptance letter will be provided to the selected artists in order to apply for travel funding if coming from abroad. 
•    Materials budget (amount depending on further funding).
•    Promotion of the event & the participating artists in press and social media.
•    Limited tech equipment and assistance.
•    Study space during the residency workshop.
•    1 meal per day (lunch).

We do not cover:
•    Flight tickets and transportation within Cyprus.
•    Accommodation in Nicosia during the residency workshop period is at the artists’ own responsibility.

Important info:
•    Artists will be selected by the workshop leader and the museum curator.
•    We encourage all artists to apply for travel funding immediately after they are selected.
•    We will contact successful applicants by the 1st of October 2017. 

Christina Georgiou is a Cyprus based visual artist, arts educator, researcher, writer, cultural producer and independent curator. Her artistic practice focuses on Performance Art and her way of working is research-based and process-led. She has presented her work widely through solo and group exhibitions, live performances, collaborative projects, public talks and presentations that took place at international biennials, exhibition spaces, galleries, museums, cultural halls, conferences, festivals and at various sites in natural and urban spaces. In 2013 she founded the Cyprus International Performance Art Society (CIPAS) and the Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF). Four years after, the progression of these projects led her to the creation of ‘SenseSelfEssence’ Holistic Training Program for artists, where Christina Georgiou, integrated a number of practices from various fields that she has studied, researched and practiced in order to offer a holistic experience to the participants, which can assist and develop their current and future work.

11 May
€ 45
5 May to 12 May
€ 35
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